31 July 2013

got the practice, not the blouse

It was inevitable I suppose.

Sewing things that you can't try on properly, assuming (and hoping) things will fit. Then when you do try it on for size, managing to squeeze your body in (with the buttons mostly undone of course) you realise you've spent a week getting a nice lot of sewing practice but no blouse to wear post-baby.

Meh I say. Meh to not checking my shoulder measurements. Meh to petite lengths.

At least I have two daughters who perhaps one day in about 10 - 20 years will add it to their wardrobe.

Pattern: BurdaStyle Issue 12/2012 #136
Alterations: Omitted the skirt. Added lace trim to the front seams and collar since the fabric is quite plain. Added extra buttons.

Have you ever completed something only to find you were going to have to pass it on?
Disappointing or put down to experience?


  1. Uh...yeah! Like the first maxi I made...my recent swimsuit fabric fail and countless others. I just chalk it up to a learning experience even though it is disappointing.

    1. It's always disappointing to end up with a garment you can't enjoy ... Oh well.